Guitars flamenco

Many contemporary musicians of different music styles love flamenco guitars


Flamenco guitar playing has influenced music throughout the world by traditional and contemporary compositions of so many guitar maestros such as Ramon Montoya, Carlos Montoya, Paco del Gastor, Niño Ricardo, Sabicas, Melchor de Marchena, Mario Escudero, Paco de Lucía, Ramon de Algeciras, Manolo SanLucar, Victor Monje Seranito, Juan Serrano, Morao, Juan Habichuela, Carlos Habichuela, Pepe Habichuela, Enrique de Melchor, Manolo F ranco, Gerardo Nuñez, Rafael Riqueni, Rafael Amador, Tomatito, Niño Miguel, Jose Antonio, Rodriguez, Raimundo Amador, Juan Carmona, Andrés Bastida, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Felipe Amaya, Paco Cepero, Paco peña, Montoyita, Augustin Carbonel, Niño Josele, Vicente Amigo, Jeronimo Amaya, Chicuelo, Niño de Pura, Daniel Cazares, Anton Jimenez, Jose Manuel León, Oscar Herrero, Rafael Cortes, Manzanito, Paco Fernandez, Javier Conde, Paco Serrano, Quiqi Paredes, Juan Carlos Romero, José Luis Montón, Pedro Sierra and many more.

Flamenco guitar music

If you play a variety of styles such as Jazz, Latin, Classical and Flamenco, the most versatile guitar probably is a flamenco negra guitar, a kind of a high-bred between a classical and flamenco guitar. Classical guitars have a very beautiful enduring rich tone, but when we play rasqueados or falsetas in synch with the rhythms or compás of the Flamenco genres, generally, the large sustaining sound of classical guitars would become blurred or unclear. Traditionally a flamenco guitar has less sustain, projects a brighter, more percussive, drier sound with less overtones compared to a classical guitar. A Flamenco guitar responds instantly because they are lighter in weight and a bit smaller in body dimensions than a classical guitar. Flamenco guitars are generally built with a lower bridge to enable low string action setup supporting the execution of Golpes or rhythmic hand tapping on the guitar’s top. This is why many contemporary musicians of different music styles love flamenco guitars.

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